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Internet Explorer
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Netscape Navigator
Clickbank Hoplinks
Site Build-It (SBI) Websites
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Turn your easily hacked link:

...into this secured link: just seconds with LinkShield!


Fully hosted, no need to install hard to use scripts or mess with server settings.

You can be protecting your sales commissions in less than five minutes

Mark Joyner says:
"Awesome little service that's like added insurance people won't poach
your affiliate sales."

Mark Joyner, #1 Best-Selling Author, ""

Neil Shearing says:
"As an Affiliate Program Owner with over 9,000 affiliates, I strongly urge all my affiliates to protect their links. Linkshield is the only program I know of which allows affiliates to protect their links without needing their own website. Great job, Sam!
Neil Shearing, Ph.D."

Alarna says:
I find LinkShield extremely helpful. Most of the other Link Cloaking programs I've seen didn't look very trustinspiring to me, so I never bothered with them. I have to say, I'm really impressed with LinkShield so far. I've been having huge problems with people taking my links and posting them on tons of message boards (editing out my affiliate info of course). In the few days I've been using LinkShield, it's already paid for itself. Thanks so much!
Arlana - Owner

The only secure service offering TWO LEVELS of PROTECTION:
Completely web-based, no software or website necessary

URL security is the make-or-break hinge of your affiliate marketing promotions. Would you go out to dinner without locking the front door of your house? Don't leave your affiliate advertising vulnerable to hackers!

People are removing your affiliate tracking code every minute of every day! Why? Because it's just so damn easy! They simply copy the first part of your affiliate link, leaving your affiliate member number behind, and you've lost a sale! They can even replace your tracking code with their own, and literally steal your commission! It's not a big secret, it happens every day and can be done by any novice.

Until now..

LinkShield offers the ONLY premium cloaking service that is available to EVERYONE promoting affiliate links - we don't require you to own a website! We don't require you to edit source code! Simply type in your affiliate link, and we'll do all the protection for you! And the best bit? It actually WORKS!

Stop losing money now!


You signup and receive your affiliate link to advertise a product. Your link will look something like this:

It is extremely easy and quick to copy-and-paste the first part of the link (, into your browser, removing the affiliate tracking code. You've just paid for this advertising with nothing to show for it! This is where LinkShield's cutting edge technology will guarantee your affiliate tracking code stays intact!


It's time to see LinkShield in action! What we've done is submit two links to the LinkShield protection system, which encoded each link and returned us the following secured and cloaked links:

Each link will open in a new window, so feel free to check both technologies out!

Level One Protection: Secured Link
Secure your affiliate link, making it impossible for a customer to remove or modify your tracking code - unlike other cloaking systems, this is completely search engine safe!

Secure Link Demonstration:
Click here:

Level Two Protection: Cloaked Link and Page Source Encoding

Cloak the whole affiliate link, hiding the link permanently from the customer.

Cloaked Link Demonstration:
Click here:

*Cloaking is not permitted for ClickBank links, due to their Terms and Conditions

What you just saw may look simple, and from your point of view it is as simple as the click of a mouse button! The technology behind the demonstration you just saw however, is second to none. LinkShield is revolutionizing affiliate program management!



LinkShield makes it impossible for people to steal your affiliate commissions
We offer not only link protection, but URL cloaking as well!
Our simple easy-to-use interface with a powerful back-end makes LinkShield perfect for beginners and veterans alike!
We are completely search engine safe, making us unique in this area!
LinkShield is an affordable cost-effective solution for all promotional needs

LinkShield is the only service where:
You DON'T need a website to use LinkShield!
You DON'T need any programming experience!
You DON'T need to spend hours modifying source code or configuring software!
Protect an unlimited number of affiliate links
We offer performance reports via our built-in hit tracker!

If you promote affiliate links via:
classified ads
link exchanges

...then YOU need protection. Stop people from stealing your affiliate commissions.

James Martell, author of "James Martell's Affiliate Marketers Handbook" and active member of LinkShield told us:

James Martell says:
I am no longer losing commission to some unscrupulous webmasters. My commission monitoring service proves it! I highly recommend LinkShield to all serious affiliate marketers.
James Martell, Author of "James Martell's Affiliate Marketers Handbook" -

You could be losing hundreds of dollar a day without LinkShield! Serious and professional internet marketers such as Mark Joyner, Neil Shearing and James Martell recommend LinkShield.


Another happy member:
"In the few days I've been using LinkShield, it's already paid for itself. Thanks so much!"

Arlana - Owner,


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